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Markus Jakobsson & Zulfikar Ramzan

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About Us

The Information Security Writers group (Infosec Writers) is designed to serve as a primary Internet-based source of information, relating to various Information Security issues and topics.

The site has been organized to satisfy the needs of the IT/Security Professional, who can be more accurately classified as the writer or the reader.

Although working with & promoting established authors and organizations of the industry, one of our main objectives is seeking the unknown professionals who write. Most of the site’s content is generated by these people willing to share their knowledge and experiences via original white papers, articles and projects.

The Infosec Writers is the only security group to recognize and reward such contributors for their efforts through a monthly best-security-papers contest, which was launched in summer 2003.

While targeting writers, we simultaneously serve readers, who may be the novices or experts seeking information on specific topics. For this, a library database is available with categories that include cryptography, email security, exploitation, firewalls, forensics, general security concepts, honeypots, IDS, malware, wireless security and more.

Our E magazine, the Hitchhiker’s World, caters for those interested in open source/coding projects relevant to security technology; and also invites personal commentaries on various issues such as perspectives of the security world and hacking culture today, and more.


The site, formerly known as The Security Writers Guild, was launched in the year 2000, and since experienced a steady growth in readership and participation.

Affiliates, partners and sites that have referenced Infosec Writers, past and present, include: the Astalavista Group, CERIAS hotlist, Help Net Security, the Information Management Network, Linux Security, Packet Storm Security, Security Focus, Slashdot, Tech Target’s & Information Security Magazine, User Friendly Media, United Media (syndicates of the Dilbert comic strip), along with various publishers, authors and other individuals.


For member profiles and contacts, please see the Contact Us page.

All images, content & text (unless other ownership applies) are © copyrighted 2000 -  , All rights reserved. Comments are property of the respective posters.