BYOD What You Need to Know

Contributed by Vicki Holzknecht

International Data Corporation (IDC) analyst predicts in 2014 on a worldwide scale one hundred and seventy-five million workers will be using their own devices in the workplace and by 2017 that number will be estimated to three hundred and twenty-eight million (Hamblen, 2014). Gartner survey reported 50% of corporate users would rely on a mobile browser instead of a desktop client by the year of 2016 (Sophos Labs, 2012). Many information technology departments and security experts are not keen on the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept because of all the loaded guns. Who owns the data (apps, pictures) on the device? If a mobile device management system is installed on the device how can the company discern what is considered invading user privacy and what is not? What requirements must be addressed to create a comprehensive policy that will not backfire on the company if brought into legal action? All of these questions are addressed within the following document. The primary goal of this research is to use this document as a tool to those who need to tackle the BYOD head, because BYOD is here to stay!

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