Hacked Again

Written by Scott N. Schober

Hacked Again is a book about an introduction to information security and key terms or phrases used in the industry. Each chapter covers a different aspect of Information Security which includes a definition and a few examples to clarify. Scott, the author, clearly has a lot of experience in the industry and relays that throughout the book. His examples are clear, and to the point. Each chapter is relatively short, and to the point as well. You will never find yourself looking to see how many pages are left.

Pros: Excellent introduction to information security for beginners. It covers many of the popular items like phishing, proper passwords, and website security. This is a great resource for a small business owner to get up to speed on some current concerns, as well as offers advice on specific topics

Cons: Also included in this are wireless cell service security information, penetration testing, and corporate espionage. These topics are more geared for someone looking to get in to the information security industry or a different audience than the first few chapters were written for. I don’t see a small business owner asking for a pen test, in my opinion. If you have to explain a proper password, then pen testing is probably beyond their skill set or knowledge level.
However, if you are curious about infosec, and have no knowledge, this is a great first read.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars and geared toward entry level.

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