Consumer and Industrial IoT Security

Contributed by Gregory Boykin
With the rapid expansion of internet access globally, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have exploded onto the market, offering many connected and convenient devices to consumers and industry alike. With the proliferation of devices already connected and the increasing popularity of those devices, this trend in IoT growth will only continue to increase. The ongoing development and evolution of IoT devices has the potential to shape and benefit many industries, including agriculture, education, health care, automotive, and environmental. However, the improvement offered by these devices comes accompanied by potential security threats. These devices are a growing surface which cyber attackers can exploit, leading to exposure of business and consumer data. This risk is compounded by the interconnectedness and interaction between these new gadgets and often driven by a rush to market, which is itself a response to eager consumer and industrial buyers wanting more connected devices expanding convenience and automation. This paper will review the literature to look at the history and current state of the IoT in the marketplace. Possible emerging trends, benefits and concerns such as security will be addressed in relation to the growth of IoT. The paper will conclude with recommendations on how the developing IoT markets can thrive and garner increased device security, protecting the data being stored and accessed.
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