Software Defined Environment: A View for the Security Practitioner

Contributed by Brian S. Rodgers
Exploring and understanding software defined services, hosted locally or off premise in a cloud provider’s data center, is a critical task demands the Information Security (InfoSec) practitioner’s attention. A strong password and sturdy door locks may have once been adequate to secure business computing environments. The modern enterprise network, assailed by threats from many different avenues, demands a more sophisticated approach to security. Many networks have evolved from simple flat networks to complex instantiations including virtual machines, multiple sites, and diversified strata of information; each demanding different protections. Much of the literature reviewed for this effort was focused on either vendor specific offerings or pure academic works. This work will provide a foundation of cloud and software defined services from a vendor neutral position that abstracts details. Further research is required to evolve the body of knowledge for the security implications from the software defined environment and its elastic characteristics.
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