Exploitation of Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities Under Windows XP

Peter Winter Smith at the age of 17, already has an impressive record at Packetstorm and Bugtraq. He is currently a student at a Sixth Form College not far off London
in the United Kingdom. Peter's interests include assembly language programming and security research.

A lightweight virtual machine for running user-level operating systems

Hideki Eiraku is an undergraduate student at College of Information Sciences, University of Tsukuba. He is working on the implementation of user mode NetBSD under the guidance of Yasushi Shinjo.
Hideki won the USENIX BSDCon' 03 best student paper award for the same.

Dr.Yasushi Shinjo is an associate professor at the University of Tsukuba where he teaches operating systems, security, and language processing systems. His interests include reference monitors, undoable file systems, mediators, multithreaded programs, specialization, and XML Web services.

The Anatomy of Cross Site Scripting

Gavin Zuchlinski recently attended a summer program at PGSIT and hopes to major in Computer Science in the future. He specializes in web security and allied problems. Gavin frequents various security mailinglists at Securityfocus. His ealier work on the same subject has been widely appreciated.


Dr.Doug Jacobson is director of the Information Assurance Center at Iowa State University. He and several ISU colleagues are building a unique network security lab. The team follows a safety-off, real attacks against real infrastructure approach.

Alert Verification : Determining the success of intrusion attempts

Dr.Christopher Kruegel is currently working at the Reliable Software Group of the University of California, Santa Barbara. His earlier work includes Snort-NG, Sparta and Quicksand. Christopher's interests include intrusion detection, network security and operating systems.

William Robertson is a PhD student with the Reliable Software Group of the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is working on STAT and a heap exploit prevention system for glibc. William's interests include intrusion detection, routing security, static analysis, and the hardening of computer systems.

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