Welcome to Issue #8

This issue has come together due to these brilliant people. It represents an inflexion point, a sharp break from the past. Now, we begin to see the spirit and philosophy that our small community wished for and dreamt about, the sheer power and virtuosity of minds networked without divisions.

Now, we come to the feel of the song .. that zone where you play the solo without thinking about chords and scales. You become the instrument. An interplay of ideas bouncing across minds who wish to become more than what they are by themselves.

Here's the most interesting part - We all are small dots somewhere across this big blue sphere. We all want to play, this is our playground till the time when we cannot write another poem or attempt to sing another song, till the time we grow up. This zine is a gift and a huge shout to my band of brothers whom I got to know via ports 25,110, 80 and other ephemeral ones.


I take this time to thank my savior Jesus Christ, my parents and sister for keeping me alive. Without your love, this hitchhiker would have perished long back.Here's wishing everybody a tremendous 2004. Carpe Diem.

- Arun Darlie Koshy

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