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Anti-Spam Tool Kit by Paul Wolfe, Charlie Scott, Mike Erw
Every year businesses spend billions of dollars combating the overwhelming amount of junk email their employees receive. With the Anti-Spam Toolkit, systems administrators have at their fingertips the tools they need to significantly reduce junk email...
HackNotes Web Security Portable Reference by Mike Shema
Let consultant, trainer, and author Mike Shema show you how to guard against standard and uncommon network penetration methodologies and eliminate susceptibility to e-commerce hacking. Plus, learn to bolster Web application security and secure vulnerable hacking function areas. (from
Hiding in Plain Sight: Steganography and the Art of Covert Communication by Eric Cole
Explains exactly what steganography is-hiding a message inside an innocuous picture or music file-and how it has become a popular tool for secretly sending and receiving messages for both the good guys and the bad guys. (from
Securing Wireless LANs : A Practical Guide for Network Managers, LAN Administrators and the Home Office User by Gilbert Held
Wireless LANs will enable small teams and communities to communicate via their mobile devices without cables. This new technology will facilitate communication in small businesses/teams such as in hospitals, on construction sites, warehouses, etc. Held provides a comprehensive guide to the implementation, planning and monitoring of all aspects of wireless LAN security in small offices/small to medium business (SMBs). Securing Wireless LANs is timely in addressing the security issues of this important new technology and equips its readers with the tools they need to make the appropriate choice for their own situation.(from
Troubleshooting Virtual Private Networks (VPN) by Mark Lewis
Step-by-step, end-to-end troubleshooting approach to VPN technology.

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