Professional Author Information
Name: Dancho Danchev
Email: Dancho can be contacted at dancho DOT danchev AT
Location: The Netherlands
Profession: IT Security Administrator and Security Consultant
Details / Bio:

Dancho Danchev is an independent security consultant that has extensive experience with security practices such as -- penetration testing, malware, risk management, and strategic security consultancy.

Prior to these, he is also an event marketer for the DallasCon( security event, a consultant at a contributor to IDG's CIO Bulgaria(, as well as a member of the Bulgarian Association for Security, ISECA (

Besides his active contributions to the scene, Dancho is also involved in business development, marketing research, and PR activities for numerous organizations, both security, and new media ones.

Dancho is currently maintaining a blog on information security(, is working on a ROSI model research initiave, as well as on his Web 2.0 contribution.

He has had professional involvement, or made personal contributions to the Bulgarian Philatelic Association, an anti-trojans vendor, Frame4 Security Systems, and HiComm Magazine, among the many other part-time, or freelance projects he's been working on during the years.

Dancho can be contacted at dancho DOT danchev AT hush DOT com

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