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Title Author
TERMPAPER: Smart Phone HackingTravis Mitchell
Internet Acceptable Use Policies: Drawing the lineRaymond Pitzen
Securing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) SecurityDavid Borland
Getting maximum value from Penetration Testing360is
Old School Newbie Guide circa 2000Raven
Analysis of Malicious Software InfectionsKenneth Davis
Malware in Information SecurityJared Dukes
DoS! Denial of ServiceKevin Hattingh
An Analysis of the IDS Penetration Tool: MetasploitJosh Marquez
Experimental Review of IPSec Features to Enhance IP SecurityShilpa Nandamuri
Category Description
Application SecurityApplication Security
Business Continuity/Disaster RecoveryDR/BC
E-Commercefinance, banking, and any other ECommerce
Email Securitysecuring mail servers, email-borne threats, email security products, antivirus protection
EncryptionAll Things Encrypted
Exploitation / Vulnerabilityvulnerability assessment, penetration testing; Solaris, MS, *nix & (web) application exploit issues
Firewall & Perimeter Protectionfirewall technologies: packet filter, application proxy, stateful Inspection; related technologies: NAT & etc
Forensicspredefined procedures: preservation, identification, extraction and documentation of computer evidence
General Security Concepts & Misc.non-technical papers; papers that do not fit elsewhere
Honeypotstechnologies; building/implementing; how they work; value to the security community; the risks/issues involved; results
Information Assuranceconfidentiality, integrity, authentication, nonrepudiation through the use of methods, standards, practices and technologies such as encryption, access control, public key infrastructure, digital certificates, IPsec etc.
Intrusion Detectionhost-based, network-based, knowledge-based, behavior-based
Malware / Malicious Codeviri, worms, trojans; mechanisms, effects, preventatives, threats at present & future
Network Devices, Protocols & Trafficnetwork monitoring & data capturing mechanisms; network devices, protocols & etc.
Organizational Securityorganizationís security and the relevancy to business, employees & management
PolicyAll Policy related papers
Security Toolsdescriptions, guides, reviews of network/security tools used in the industry
SteganographyStego and algorythms
System SecuritySystem hardening guidelines
Wireless Securitywireless LAN network archit., wireless technologies, wireless protocols, security issues: eavesdropping, denial of service, wireless viruses and etc


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