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A Security Transfer Model based on Active Defense Strategy by Hu Hanping, Zheng Ying, Hou Chengshuai, Guo Wenxuan on 21/05/04

This paper proposes a security transfer model founded on the active defense strategy. In the unit of security domains mainly made up of dynamic overlaying routers, this model defines the intelligent agent/ management of network element together with the self-similar, hierarchical and distributed management structure. Furthermore, we use deceptive packets so that the attackers can not trace the encrypted data packets. Finally, according to the digested information from data packets, this model is capable of detecting attacks and tracing back to the attackers immediately. In the meantime, the overlaying routers in the security domain are dynamically administered. In summary, this model not only improves the security of data transfer on the web, but also enhances the effectiveness of the network management and switching efficiency of routers as well.

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