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A Study Of Steganography And The Art Of Hiding Information by Alain Brainos on 27/07/04

The recently created technology of steganography entices a wide audience from the casual observer, to the scientific professional. The various applications of steganography must be scrutinized in order to understand the future progression of this technology. This paper attempts to reveal new and current angles of steganography. What are revealed in this essay are the ingenious history and background of steganography in examples and its interwoven development path with cryptography, even to this day. On a technical level this paper tests the steganography communityís theory that, in general, the stego process diminishes contrast within a digital photo. Steganography is obscure in its recurrent appearance and disappearance throughout history. On a sociological level, having finally taken a foothold during the internet generationís explosive growth of the 1990s, steganography serves as a means for private, secure and sometimes malicious communication.

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