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Intelligent Security, IPDM, the Winning Formula by Webb Wang on 11/08/04

Today’s network security marketplace is crowded with all kinds of products addressing all sorts of security domains, IDS, IPS, HIDS, HIPS, Firewalls, Anomaly Analysis, Misuse Analysis, just to name a few.

However, with all of these offerings combined, according to the most recent CSI/FBI reports, they still only provide about 40 to 50 percent total overall effectiveness towards protecting our network assets.

What’s the problem? Well, by deeply examining the entire security domain these products are targeting, and the technologies these products are employing, it is really not that difficult to understand that each of them are only focusing on one aspect of the entire network security domain. This effectively leaves limited or, in most cases, zero time for the security professional to intervene before the attack takes place, not to mention inordinately large numbers of false alarms that simply overburden the individual(s) responsible for the security of enterprise assets. Hence, they inherit much lower or, sometimes, even zero effectiveness towards protecting that enterprise. These common low rates of effectiveness render both technology and personnel almost ineffective in dealing with the constant battle against myriad network attacks that change daily in both nature and scope.

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