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Spyware Explained by Jonathan Read on 16/10/04

The dot com crashes of the late 90s brought about a revolution in internet advertising. Banner advertising companies where going broke because internet users where getting sick of the annoying animated gifs. People would just ignore these adverts or worse still the emergence of firewall software like WRQs atguard actually blocked banner adverts rendering them useless. Hackers realised that they could make easy money with proxy clicking programs, which also led to the demise of many of the pay per click advertisers.

Advertisers realised that if they where to still make money online they would have to change tactics. Many advertisers turned to affiliate programs where publishers would get paid for actual sales made, not just for a click on a banner. The other advertisers thought of new ways to advertise, these advertisers found a way that would allow them to advertise products without even having a website or servers serving adverts. This is how spyware emerged.

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