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D-WARD, DDoS and Three Network Administrative Domains by Hang Chau on 18/10/04

DoS/DDoS attacks are a virulent, relatively new type of Internet attacks, they have caused some biggest web sites on the world -- owned by the most famous E-Commerce companies such as Yahoo, eBay, Amazon -- became inaccessible to customers, partners, and users, the financial losses are very huge.

For defensing against the DDoS attacks, the network engineers have made many attempts to design the systems that help identify the machines of lunching DDoS attacks and stop the malicious attacks. The systems are deployed at three administrative network domains: victim network, intermediate network and source network. In this paper, I will take an overview for the three administrative domains; compare and analyze the potential abilities of the systems for detecting and defensing the DDoS attacks, when the systems are deployed on each kind of the administrative network domain.

It is easy to understand that the DDoS attacks should be stopped as close as possible the source of the attacks, that will save the network resources and reduce the traffic congestion, so I also discuss the D-WARD, or DDoS Network Attack Recognition and Defense, it is an important DDoS defense system deployed at the source network.

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