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Anti-Virus Evasion and Countermeasures by Debasis Mohanty on 07/12/04

The objective of this article is to demonstrate different possible ways that viruses and worms coders use to evade any Anti-Virus products while coding malicious programs and at the same time I shall also be discussing about the countermeasures techniques to prevent against such attacks. Before I go in depth I assume that the readers of this article are well aware of the difference between worms and viruses.

It is not just an anti-virus product which can help protect the corporate and the endusers from malicious program attacks but rather what is most important is the general user awareness about such risks and general responsibility towards defending against such attacks.

This article will also try to educate various kind computer users in the simplest way to deal with viruses and worms and defend against such malicious attacks where the AV engine become helpless when special techniques are used by this malicious codes to prevent detection.

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