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Validy Technology - Solution Against Software Policy and IT Sabotage by Jean-Christophe Cuenod on 06/02/05

Validy is a software publisher whose research and development activity began in 1991. Since its foundation, Validy has directed its research towards IT security, which has today become a crucial component in personal, infrastructure and economic security.

With their vast expertise in the field of both hardware and software, and their experience gained in one of the biggest research laboratories in Silicon Valley, Xerox PARC, the two founders, Gilles Sgro and Jean-Christophe Cuénod, have been the authors of major inventions in the field of information systems security.

With this rich fund of industrial and intellectual property, Validy provides its licensed partners with innovative solutions that are effective and simple to deploy and use. What is more, its solutions have the advantage of reconciling technical effectiveness with respect for individual freedom. Validy protection does not depend therefore on any centralized mechanism for monitoring users.

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