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Securing Your WiFi Network Without Breaking the Bank by Steve Lord on 03/04/05

Wireless technology has reached critical mass. With 802.11 based networks permeating through the air of most towns and cities across the globe, those in charge of securing wireless networks are under increasing pressure to buy ‘silver bullet’ solutions to mitigate wireless security risks. Whilst vendors are more than keen to sell us little black boxes of wireless security, are they effective countermeasures, or simply solutions in search of a problem?

WiFi or 802.11 as its technically known is now the network connection of choice for many new businesses. Older businesses with established wired infrastructures are still facing the same challenges as they did a couple of years ago: implement wireless networks safely, securely and effectively. Sadly, war drives from enthusiastic security vendors continue to feature in industry media informing us that organisations worldwide fail to meet even basic wireless security requirements. In the meantime, vendors feed us a diet of fear, uncertainty and doubt in order to sell over-hyped, overpriced ‘solutions’. Securing your wireless network needn’t be expensive in terms of both cost and day-to-day administration, as Steve Lord reveals.

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