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Deterring The Negative Effects of Spyware by Alex Estevez on 25/04/05

Microsoft Windows Operating System users have been harassed by hackers and virus programmers ever since Windows 95 and internet browsing became mainstream to the PC. Since that time, the problems faced by PC users have existed in the form of hackers finding holes and bugs in Windows software coding. Also, more famously, the problems have come in the form of software viruses and worms written by programmers with ill intentions of harming PC systems. Viruses are introduced into PC systems via emails in which viruses and worms are cleverly hidden through the use of misleading names attached to the e-mail. A PC user will unknowingly expose his system to a malicious virus program by opening the suspicious e-mail. Ever since this method of computer virus exposure became popular, those in the computer community with the appropriate knowledge began educating average or unskilled internet surfers on the ways to spot suspicious mail messages. New technologies designed to combat viruses and worms were also given to previously helpless internet surfers to help suppress these malicious programs.

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