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Essential Trends and Dynamics of the Endpoint Security Industry by Lenny Zeltser on 01/07/05

This paper examines trends and dynamics of the endpoint security industry, and shows how business strategies of market leaders such as Symantec exemplify these factors. When exploring current developments in the information security marketplace, we stipulate that this sector is beginning to converge with the general IT software industry in response to factors such as the evolution of the industry structure, competitive dynamics, regulatory compliance efforts, and the maturing state of security products.


This paper examines trends and dynamics of the endpoint security industry and evaluates the performance of market leaders such as Symantec in the context of these factors. We begin by defining the scope of the industry and explore the evolution of its structural characteristics and the value chain. Next, we highlight Symantec as a case study exemplifying the trends we've identified in the industry. We then discuss the company's acquisition of VERITAS, which we believe is a response to the emerging shift from security as a product to security as a feature; namely, the transition away from stand-alone security products and toward more general IT products with embedded security features. In the final section of the paper, we explain how the emerging shift in value creation that we've identified in the endpoint security segment is indicative of changes sweeping the larger security industry as a whole.

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