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Spyware and The Next Level of Spyware Mitigation by Kelly Lucas on 25/07/05

The paper addresses some of the current topics and information related to spyware. The difference I will try to bring to surface within the paper is why the spyware epidemic is growing and where the spyware industry is heading. I will address the following questions on the journey to the next level:

  • What is spyware?
  • How does spyware affect our level of production?
  • How is spyware infiltrating our network?
  • How are we currently mitigating spyware?
  • What are the weaknesses of our current mitigation?
  • Where is spyware mitigation heading?
  • What products are available at the next level of spyware mitigation?

In the journal Informations Systems Management, the author states “Spyware has not yet caused widespread public outcry because most users are unaware that their systems have been compromised.”(Spior, Ward, Roselli, 2005) This paper will dispel our greatest enemy; ignorance.

Spyware has been around in some form or fashion for a number of years. As the spyware has evolved and began to affect our level of production, the attention given towards this debacle have drastically risen within the last year. We have seen a rise in the amount of spyware as well as a rise in the number of products being developed to mitigate the problem. In case you have not been affected by spyware, let us make an attempt at defining spyware.

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