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Phoenix: Secure File Transfer Using SSL by Arjun Venkatraman on 31/08/05

Phoenix is a lightweight application, meant for transferring files over network connections in a secure manner.

Phoenix uses the Secure Sockets Layer protocol, to ensure security. The additional feature that phoenix incorporates is the formation of multiple connections, which ensure that even if one of the streams is compromised, only 1/3 of the data is lost. This means that an attacker would find it very difficult to obtain the entire communication.

Phoenix has a user friendly client interface, which is command line based. The server can be run in dedicated or background mode as the user requires.

Phoenix may be used within organizations, to transfer confidential or sensitive data. Phoenix requires both clients and servers to have digital certificates. In an organizational situation these certificates can be exclusively generated within the organization. This adds security since when the list of trusted authorities is sent, it can be modified to include only the organizations own certificates.

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