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So You Think You Have a Good Business Recovery Plan? by Roger Elrod on 13/09/05

The terrorist activities in September of 2001 caused business everywhere to take a long look at disaster recovery plans (DR) and business continuity plans (BCP). The collapse of the Trade Towers showed the importance of not only having critical data backed up, but having the data moved offsite to a secure location. Offsite storage vendors experienced an increased demand for data storage capabilities.

Businesses thought they had bought a piece of mind now with their critical data being stored offsite. However, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina will force all companies to re-think about what it really means to successfully resume business after a disaster.

Disaster has a new definition. Is your business ready? This paper will summarize the different kinds of disasters and then discuss some of the different aspects of a disaster- recovery/business continuity plan. These principles will then be applied to a company dealing with asset management.

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