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How to Combat Spyware in Corporate Environments by Panda Software on 19/09/05

Spyware and adware are no longer just a threat to home user and as well as increasing their capacity to get into computers, they have also increased their area of action to the corporate environment. In fact, some spyware can even obtain information about email messages, passwords and even credit card details … Spyware downloaded to companies can steal confidential information, reduce the performance of the IT infrastructure, due to the resources used by non work-related activity and loss of employee productivity, who have to deal with changes to system settings and unwanted advertisements.

Even through tools are available for protecting home users, according to Gartner “The use of consumer grade tools is no substitute for a managed solution, no matter how effective the tool.”

Panda Software offers a range of solutions adapted to needs of each type of client, from home users, through ActiveScan Pro and Platinum Internet Security 2005, which according to the PC Magazine “it was more successful in cleaning and blocking spyware than any of the other suites were,” to corporate environments with BusinesSecure and EnterpriSecure with TruPrevent™ Technologies, capable of providing complete centralize protection for every network layer: workstations, laptops and server, and combine preventive techniques – TruPreventTM- and reactive techniques -filters and signatures – to achieve effective detection and disinfection of spyware, however they try to get into the organization.

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