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Software Security and Reverse Engineering by Hardik Shah on 03/10/05

Today the market of software is covered by an incredible number of protected applications, which don't allow you to use all features of programs if you aren't a registered user of these. Reverse engineering is simply the art of removing protection from programs also known as “cracking”.

In Some other words cracking is described as follows: - “When you create a program you engineer it, in fact you build the executable from the source-code. The reverse engineering is simply the art of generate a source-code from an executable. Reverse engineering is used to understand how a program does an action, to bypass protection etc. Usually it's not necessary to disassemble all code of the application not only the part of the application that we are interested must be reversed. Reverse engineering used by cracker to understand the protection scheme and to break it, so it's a very important thing in the whole world of the crack.”

In short: - 'Reverse Engineering referred to a way to modify a program such that it behaves as the way a reverse engineer wish.'

“Cracking is a method of making a software program function other than it was Originally intended by means of investigating the code, and, if necessary, patching It.”

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