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Top Ten Security Risks in BPOs by Gaurav Shukla on 18/10/05

Last few years have seen a tremendous growth in BPO business. Recently, there has been a sudden surge in security incidents at BPOs resulting in monetary losses for customers and causing even more damages to BPO reputation.

Attackers look at exploiting weak links be it an ignorant customer, lack of monitoring systems or pen-drives at call desks- all these could be used for bypassing controls and committing fraud. For ensuring adequate security, all the key security elements people, process and technology - need to be strengthened.

We have been working closely with several BPOs across the globe to help them fortify their systems and processes. This has given us an insight into the security risks that BPOs face and ways and means to overcome these. This article is a compilation of top ten risks that need to be dealt with to ensure effective security.

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