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Low Cost Technique for Intrusion Detection by Kelly Lucas on 12/12/05

I have attempted to uncover and explore a free and easy solution for the cost conscience small to medium size network to incorporate Intrusion Detection. The paper will focus on the aspects of free tools in relation to Intrusion Detection. I will define the tools I am using, where I will place the tools within the network, why I decided to place the tool in this particular location, and what defense mitigation the tool should assist.

I have chosen three products to use in developing this particular solution for Intrusion Detection. Eagle X as the primary detection mechanism, Ethereal for capturing and reporting detail, and GFI Languard for system integrity or Host Based Intrusion Detection. I will also implement a relationship with two different reporting agencies to assist in the understanding and detection process. These reporting agencies, and, will provide another level or layer of detection as well as a reporting and escalation process.

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