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Firewall Technologies and Securing a Classroom Lab by Thomas S. Adeimy on 13/12/05

The transition from industry into academia meant not having total access to computer hardware and software resources. I was going to teach computer and networking courses, and could not wait to use my real life industry experiences as learning tools in a classroom/lab setting. It wasn’t long until my newfound enthusiasm began to be tested. I was an instructor, not a member of the campus IT staff. All the campus labs were general purpose computer labs. Computer desktops were “locked down” by group policies, Internet access was restricted by “Cyber Patrol” controls, BIOS settings were password protected. Access to the “Server Room” was protected by a keypad, and of course I was not given the password. These were just some of the things that began to make my life miserable as a computer instructor. It became very clear that a dedicated networking lab was needed. What followed was a long and hard fought battle to convince those in charge of the purse strings that this was an endeavor worth pursuing.

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