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Internet Monitoring Software by Gordon Giles on 15/12/05

The emergence of technology over the past 10 years has forced organizations to take a long hard look at the productivity levels of their employees’. The Internet has become such an integral part of business practices that many companies would not survive without access to it. This powerful tool that our organizations rely on so heavily can also have a negative impact if abused. If some type of monitoring tool is not put into place these companies stand to lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars due to employee negligence. By simply putting into place a software package and configuring it to match your Internet Acceptable Usage Policy will save your valuable employee resources from inappropriate Internet use. Due to reports of inappropriate Internet use the Executive staff of the University Health Systems has made a decision to install an Internet Monitoring Tool to prevent employees’ from abusing the Internet Usage Policy. The choice for the software platform has been narrowed down to 3 of the top Internet filtering software companies on the market. Websense Inc., SurfControl Inc., and St Bernard’s Iprism are the companies that have been selected for evaluation. It has been determined that filtering inappropriate sites is more of a concern than trying to report on individual abusers, in other words if a user cannot access an inappropriate site then there should not be a reason to run a report on that user. The company that can prove to be strong in filtering URL categories, policies, and to some extent reporting will be awarded the contract. The following document is the official Internet Usage Policy of University Health Systems of Eastern North Carolina, which is the basis for the following research.

This document is in PDF format. To view it click here.

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