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Information Security in Community Colleges by Steven Marcus on 20/12/05

Few places are such a complete example of a need for all types of security than a community college. Internally, students with all levels of knowledge continually assault computers that the college must keep available and functional to serve the huge number of students. Some of these students are fresh from high school and are already at a very proficient skill level. When they are faced with an ‘Introduction to computers’ class, they grow bored and start looking through the local network for open computers or go out onto the internet to find the latest viruses (either intentionally or unintentionally). At the other end of the scale is the middle-aged worker, displaced from industry, who has never even sat down at a computer before and who is sure to unknowingly delete or damage something during their stay. Outright theft of computer equipment itself is also an ongoing problem that must be addressed. Externally, the community college presents a good target for hackers because of the large internet connection and the promise of huge amounts of storage space. The college network can also be attractive to smart students with some skill at hacking who would love to brag to their classmates about how easy it was to hack the college.

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