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Wireless Security while Roving by Patricia Redding on 29/12/05

John Doe checks in at the airport terminal thirty minutes early. He decides to check on a few things so he opens his laptop thinking how great wireless is. First, he checks home to see if the new nanny has gotten the baby her breakfast. He checks the baby’s room first and seeing nothing moves on to the kitchen where he sees the nanny just finishing feeding the baby. Feeling good, he decides to check on his son at school. He logs onto the school website and enters his password. His computer screen shows his son and classmates classroom working hard on an assignment. Next he wonders if his wife has made it to her appointment. As a pharmaceutical representative, she is often required to travel throughout the state . John enters the web address then password to access the GPS interface site. The report and map shows her pulling into the parking lot of her first appointment of the morning. Encouraged that the morning is going so smoothly, John next checks his e-mail. Immediately an urgent message catches his attention. His secretary informs him a caller complained after seeing one of the company’s distinctive red and white trucks speeding down a residential street. With a few taps on the keyboard, John focuses on the driver of one particular truck which, the screen shows, had been on that very road at 8:22 a.m., doing 45 miles per hour in a zone restricted to 30. John e-mails his secretary and tells her to set up a meeting with the driver before his run the next morning. As he clicks send, he hears the loudspeaker announce his flight. Feeling proud of himself for accomplishing so much in thirty minutes, John shuts down his computer and heads for the plane. Just a few feet away, another man, also feeling quite pleased with his morning, shuts down his computer. The unknown man is continually amazed that people with so much personal and business information on their computers have no concept of securing that information from probing eyes..

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