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Hardening Windows NT by Aelphaeis Mangarae on 06/01/06

Is Windows secure? Can Windows be secure? These are two questions which are often asked by many people. To answer the first question, Windows with its default settings out of the box is by far the most insecure operating system there is (OpenBSD being the most secure.) One of the reasons Windows is often said to be insecure is because it is attacked the most, this is generally because Windows is targeted more because it is more popular. Script Kiddies, as well as there botnets are constantly scanning the internet looking for windows machines which are set up poorly and/or do not have the latest security patches.

Can Windows be secured? The answer is yes, Windows can be secured with the right knowledge and tools. In this day and age computer security is extremely important, often people do not know how to secure there machines and that is why they are being attacked, with the help of this guide you will be able to lock down your windows machine.

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