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Firewalls for the Home & Small Business by Gordon Giles on 09/01/06

A firewall can be in the form of hardware, software or a combination of the two. It is basically used to prevent, block, and keep out unwanted intruders from entering a network. This applies to a home, small business, or a large corporation network. A firewall monitors all of the incoming and outgoing traffic from a personal computer or a local area network. The majority of people are not afraid of their Internet connection being hacked by an outsider. The chances of suffering from some type of Internet hack are on the rise, especially when connected to the Internet using a cable modem or some type of broadband service. People are surprised when they discover that their newly installed personal firewall reports that their home computer is being scanned from the Internet many times per day. This is why itís so important to select and install a good firewall for your home or small business. The reason is simple: A firewall will help control the Spyware and Spam problems that have become so annoying with Internet usage. The research presented here will elaborate on some of the better software and hardware firewalls on the market. In todayís society it is essential to have some type of firewall to protect your valuable data from the outside world.

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