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MSNPawn - Footprinting, Profiling & Assessment with MSN Search by Shreeraj Shah on 19/01/06

Any search engine database is a very powerful source of information for web applications. The Search Engine’s spiders are well-powered to run frequently on sites and capture all possible links. As an end user, however, we are more interested in the searching interface and criteria these engines provide. Now, if we could combine these search options with our intelligently crafted queries against a database, we would be able to fetch a lot of critical information. There are ways to do this and I shall get to the details very soon.

SEARCH.MSN provides web services APIs to build applications using their search interface. More information can be gathered from

To be able to use SEARCH.MSN, you will require an Application ID. This can be obtained using MSN passport. Queries are limited to 10,000 a day and allow a total of 50 results for each query. This provides great flexibility to the application. As a security tool, substantial information can be queried from MSN search, making it a handy tool to have in your toolkit. For the examples outlined in this paper, some of the information is retrieved using this interface, with a sample application called MSNPawn (

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