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Potential Security Vulnerabilities of a Wireless Network in a Military Healthcare Facility by Jason Meyer on 27/04/06

The adaptation of wireless technology into the healthcare practitioner’s daily activities is changing the face of patient care every day. Doctors can now review any pertinent patient data from digital x-rays as they are taken, lab results as they are coded into the system and live patient vital statistic monitoring from their mobile PDA’s and Tablet PC’s at the point of care. Wireless technology adaptation has other benefits such as lowering long term cost of infrastructure maintenance and upgrades, and allowing for rapid changes to the network infrastructure versus wired technology. (Owens, Tachakra, Banitsas, Istepanian, 2001) As a system administrator in a large military healthcare facility, I am responsible for the security of all systems, network and patient data that is transmitted through that network. To keep up with the advanced implementations of wireless technology, understand the requirements I am bound by and the threats I may have to face, I started this research project for my own benefit as well as to share my findings with my staff. I will review the regulations that govern patient data in its electronic state, review a number of the current threats against a wireless network and recommend a possible wireless structure based on my research and policies that guide me.

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