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Strengthen Data Protection with Network Access Controls by Tom Olzak on 09/05/06

In todayís business information enterprise, a strong perimeter defense is not enough. Network access requirements for remote, wireless, and physically connected unmanaged systems result in solutions that bypass perimeter controls. New methods of preventing unauthorized access and malware infections are required.

As weíll examine in this paper, the first step in meeting the challenges associated with evolving demands for new network access methods is the segmentation of the network. At a minimum, network segmentation should result in a production segment and a restricted access segment. To help you accomplish this, we take a look at how VLANís work.

Once your network is segmented, the next step is to ensure that all endpoint devices (workstations, laptops, handheld devices, etc.) conform to your security baselines. Using a generic view of network access controls, we step through three common network connectivity scenarios.

But first, letís review the reason for rethinking network security strategiesódeperimeterization.

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