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Trojan White Paper by Aelphaeis Mangarae on 10/05/06

Many home users are kept in the dark about Trojans, what they are exactly, and the force behind them. The Trojan scene is quite an interesting one, one which I will document in this text, in order to give readers a better understanding of Trojans and the people that create and use them, After all there is more to Trojans than just the Trojans themselves. I will also detail in this text the technologies the latest Trojans incorporate in order to make themselves more stealthy and/or harder to remove. The general purpose of this text is to educate the reader about Trojans, so they can help protect themselves against them, and in the event of infection they may remove them and try and to prevent them from doing any further damage.

This text is meant only for outsiders to the Trojan scene and beginners in the IT Security scene.

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