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Zero Configuration VPN Clients for Mobile Users by Michael Underwood on 22/05/06

There are a lot of things that I love in life. In technology though, all the things that I love can be summed up into four main categories. Number one, I love free stuff. Now, that's a given with most people. There are a ton of free things on the net, but most of them lets be honest are useless. I'm sorry I want something a little more than a world clock. And I can hear the Linux people now, 'but all of our stuff is free!' and while you are correct there's a reason why you only hold a 3% market share. Two, I love web based applications. In fact I love them so much I'm actually writing this article on one right now! There's another great site out there called 37 Signals (http://www37signals) with tons of free organizational type things. Check them out! Three, I love VPN's. There something so simplistic about it all. Being able to connection distant computers together and have them act as if they are on the same network. [3] Not only that but you can access things like computers, network storage, and email as if you were sitting right there in your office.And lastly, I love wireless. The idea that I can be almost anywhere and sit down with my laptop and access the internet without being tethered by a cable is well…awesome. Now, what if I could tie all four things together…well I can’t but I’m close with three. We're going to take a look at three VPN services that are designed to be used at wireless hotspot for either SOHO (small office/home office) or small business users.

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