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Biometrics: 21st Century Security by Stan Smith on 30/05/06

Since September 11 2001 security has been in the forefront of American concerns. Granted, the general population is most concerned with personal physical security, which basically translates to physical security at the work place. We all hear of the horrible stories of disgruntled employees who bring a gun to work to kill fellow coworkers. That is not to mention the dangerous world we live in this day and time with terrorism. I think biometrics will be the biggest security tool used in the 21st century to protect the physical attributes of a company or it's assets. I have decided to write my paper on this intriguing subject and how it relates to security of information networks.

Biometrics is a process used to identify or authenticate an individualís identity using any of a series of physical or behavioral characteristics. These characteristics can include but are not limited to fingerprints, hand or palm geometry, retina and iris scans, facial mapping, signature or writing style, and more recently, DNA maps. While relatively new, biometrics is rapidly advancing and growing in acceptance and use. The importance of this emerging technology does not necessarily lie in learning the intricacies of how biometric science works, but in exploring the management of the exposures biometrics present to individuals, businesses, and governments. This process begins with identifying the cyber risk exposures that biometrics makes possible.

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