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Own your LAN with Arp Poison Routing by Rorik Koster on 02/06/06

Security is a popular buzzword heard every day throughout our American culture and possibly even more so in our global economy. From National Security to Homeland Security to Information Security, we are bombarded with threats everywhere we turn. The Internet reports on new vulnerabilities, carries new viruses and their corresponding definitions, and spreads spy-ware, mal-ware, and bogus e-mail phishing scams every day. There are other vulnerabilities besides viruses, worms, and scams that actually bend the rules of network communication to their benefit. They take advantage of the methods our networks use to transfer data, and these vulnerabilities will always be a threat to our informationís security.

Man in the Middle attacks come in many variations and can be carried out on a switched LAN easier than one might think by using tools freely available on the Internet. The following paper will explain how Man in the Middle attacks are possible, the potential threats from such an attack, and finally this paper will demonstrate the use of Cain & Abel to carry out a Man in the Middle attack.

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