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Security Analysis of Wireless Modulation Techniques by Prentice Tyndall on 12/06/06

The world of computer networking has forever been impacted by the infiltration of wireless technologies. From simple home networks utilizing a single wireless router or access point to an extravagant wide area network composing of thousands of servers and associated supporting hardware and software, wireless technologies exist in almost every facet imaginable. Some are simple exploitations of wireless technology, such as a wireless mouse, while others, like the wireless router, use the latest techniques wireless has to offer.

In the early days of wireless communications, privacy and security of the information being communicated was not the top priority of engineers. They had more important issues to contend with, such as simply transferring the voice or data information from the transmitter to the receiver in an intelligible manner. Since radio electronics in general was in its infancy, this was a huge task to effectively master with current technology. Range, intelligibility, and interference were issues that neededimmediate attention. Many times, voice or Morse code transmissions were hidden in a bed of static or noise so severe that successful reception was impossible. Efforts were in high demand to discover new ways to transmit radio waves in a much more effective manner.

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