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Bluetooth Security by Colleen Rhodes on 01/08/06

In the past, the only way to connect computers together for the purpose of sharing information and/or resources was to connect them via cables. This can be not only cumbersome to set up, but it can get messy real quick. Bluetooth provides a solution to this problem by providing a cable-free environment. According to the official Bluetooth website,, Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range communications technology intended to replace the cables connecting portable and/ore fixed devices while maintaining high levels of security. The key features of Bluetooth technology are robustness, low power, and low cost. The Bluetooth specification defines a uniform structure for a wide range of devices to connect and communicate with each other.

The idea behind Bluetooth technology was born in 1994, when a team of researchers at Ericsson Mobile Communications…initiated a feasibility study of universal short-range, low-power wireless connectivity as a way of eliminating cables between mobile phones and computers, headsets and other devices.” (2005, Bialoglowy) In 1998, this group evolved to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Along with Ericsson, other founding members included Nokia, Intel, IBM and Toshiba. Today, “the SIG is comprised of over 4,000 members who are leaders in the telecommunications, computing, automotive, music, apparel, industrial automation, and network industries, and a small group of dedicated staff in Hong Kong, Sweden, and the USA. (Bluetooth SIG, 2006)

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