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Honeypots: Tracking Hackers - The Value of Honeypots by Lance Spitzner on 02/10/02

Unlike a firewall or intrusion detection system, honeypots do not solve a specific problem. A honeypot is a tool that contributes to your overall security architecture. The value of honeypots and the problems they help solve depends on how you build, deploy and use them. Click here to learn more about the Value of honeypots.

Note: This is excerpt from Lance Spitzner's book - Honeypots: Tracking Hackers. The file is PDF format.

More about the book: The first book ever dedicated to honeypot technologies. Subjects include what a honeypot is, the different types of honeypots, how they work, deploying and maintaing them, and legal issues involved. Six chapters are dedicated to focusing on six different honeypot and how they work, in detail. Included is a CDROM that has source code, whitepapers, tools and utilities, logs, and other data discussed in the book. The book is 429 pages and is published (2002) by Addison-Wesley.

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