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The Need for Host Intrusion Prevention by Third Brigade on 16/10/06

Internet-based attacks against enterprise networks are unrelenting, more sophisticated and, because todayís attackers are motivated by profit, more dangerous to the data and systems those networks hold. Compounding the heightened threat environment, regulatory pressures associated with information security have also increased dramatically. In the new regulatory environment, information security executives must succeed in the battle against these attacks and demonstrate continuous improvement in their defenses. Compliance is not an end state but a process, subject to continuous monitoring, verification, and improvement.

Defense-in-depth is the only viable strategy for data and system protection, but the environment is constantly evolving. Regulators demand the timely deployment of effective solutions. Because malicious code can now evade conventional defenses and penetrate deep into networks, todayís security best practices are redefining the perimeter and incorporating host intrusion prevention (HIP) as the last line of defense in comprehensive defense-in-depth security strategies.

While providing many of the same proven security technologies used in perimeter security, such as firewall and anti-virus scanning, HIP solutions also focus on protecting applications by means of application data inspection to provide comprehensive host protection.

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