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The Four Key Qualities of Effective Host Intrusion Prevention (HIP) Solutions: Defining Deep HIP by Third Brigade on 20/10/06

Unrelenting and increasingly sophisticated attacks against enterprise networks have dramatically raised organizations’ IT security risks. With the relative ease that many types of attacks by-pass perimeter security, traditional perimeter based security approaches are no longer sufficient to adequately protect enterprise assets. To combat these threats, security professionals are implementing multi-layered defenses, with the last line of defense being implemented at the host itself.

Host Intrusion Prevention (HIP) is the last line of defense in a comprehensive defensein-depth security strategy. While the need for this last layer of defense is becoming increasing evident, there remains considerable confusion over what constitutes a HIP product. To be practical, HIP should be viewed as security capabilities deployed at the host to effectively keep it running, free from viruses, worms or other malware.

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