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Vulnerability Enumeration For Penetration Testing by Aelphaeis Mangarae on 19/11/06

This paper is a sequel to my “Learn Information Gathering By Example”. This paper will go through looking for Vulnerabilities in remote system(s), which is what you would do in a Penetration Test after gathering information on the target. I will be using real world examples for nearly everything in this paper.

Although I covered scanning a network range for possible targets in my last paper I will cover it again in this paper, because it is related. I am aware that 99.5 % of people will already know how to do this, and should know how to do it. For the sake of complete beginners I will cover it again.

Not everything covered in this paper is entirely legal to do in some countries to remote machines with out the owner’s permission.

Note: I have not been able to include everything I wished to include in this paper due to time limitations (and of course there were other factors.) I may publish small papers in the future on subjects relating to Penetration Testing that I originally wanted to include in this paper.

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