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Information Security – Whose Responsibility is It? by Guillermo Ortiz-Caceres on 08/12/06

Consumers of the global service we call the “Internet” are largely illiterate in the area of information security. The new order of global economy, open access to the Internet and a growing number of terrorist activities leaves us all open to a new kind of threat. The threat increases as more consumers gain access to the Internet and the number of radical groups with network security knowledge continues to grow.

Consumer reactions to the gamut of activities that ranges from the invasion of privacy to information espionage has resulted in the passing of thousands of legislative laws which have been largely ineffective in deterring those who know how to get around security controls and cause harm.

Information security breaches come in the forms of passive and intrusive attacks. The author establishes to what degree consumers are responsible for the protection of their own information as opposed to the entities that have been established to provide secure services across the Internet. The author shows that protection can only be accomplished through the education of information security managers on existing testing procedures that comply with establish laws combined with the education of consumers on security practices that mitigate the accidental release, or intentional breach, of restricted information. The target population of this paper is information security undergraduate students and graduate students.

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