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Securing a Converged Network by Steve Sullivan on 02/01/07

Network security has traditionally been viewed in business as more of a cost than a benefit. But the latest trends are towards converged networks where voice, video and data are sent over the same network infrastructure. This change presents new challenges for network professionals and network security is playing a bigger role than ever.

Traditional voice only networks are circuit-switched and virtually secure. Sure they can be listened in on, but physical access is required which makes it much more difficult. VoIP and other new technologies are taking traditional circuit-switched communications and sending them over packet-based networks creating a whole new area of concern for network security.

In a converged network every voice port, telephone, IP phone or IP based device is a potential open door. This paper will examine what is required to secure a converged network to provide the same type of worry –free communications that circuit-switched networks provided for years.

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