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Improve Data Protection Processes with Content Discovery, Monitoring and Filtering by Tom Olzak on 07/11/07

It’s all about the data. Understanding this statement and implementing controls accordingly is a key element in protecting sensitive data. Yet, organizations are faced with a growing number of channels through which PII (personally identifiable information), ePHI (electronic health information), and intellectual property leak to targets not authorized to store or possess it.

The traditional methods of protecting data are no longer effective enough. Security managers must take additional steps to ensure data owners and security personnel know where the data are located and where they might be sent. At a high level, this is the function of content monitoring and filtering (CMF).

In this paper, I define the challenges facing organizations as they attempt to protect sensitive information from both unintentional and malicious activities, including what characteristics of data make them an easy mark. I then look at arguably the most important approach to meeting these challenges—CMF. Finally, I describe one of the top three CMF solutions as an example of how current technology can be applied to data leakage protection.

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