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Social Networking Site Shut Down by Dan Morrill on 12/11/07

A small web 2.0 web site named yasvs (yet another social voting site) was taken off the wire because their web site was referenced in a spam message that was focused on selling the services of Libel defense.

The process entailed sending thousands of messages much like the one to the above1, to gain Google page links to increase their page rank, and of course, drive customers to their web site. This is a common way of getting links back to a site, and is not a good way of getting attention on your web site. While the initial pay off might be there, in the longer run this causes problems for the web sites involved.

It does matter to the ISP or the Hosting Company that the site in question is a live site with real people and real data behind it, or a spam site that is built on automation with no one at the wheel of the sites. The problem is that the ISP is going to get complaints, and they will take action, this action is usually to take the web site down.

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